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Buy base of enterprises of Tomsk

We sell a database of companies and organizations of Tomsk. The very base of companies that use this site. The database is regularly updated with new entries and updated by business owners. Currently the directory contains 9119 records.

Data structure:

The current state of the database:
All organizations 9119  
Listed Phone 8728 96%
Find Email Address 5618 62%
Specified Website 3834 42%
Specified the Email and the Website 3110 34%
There is a description 9094 100%
Description > 200 characters 1833 20%
Just reviews 38  
Positive feedback 14  
Negative reviews 24  
Uploaded photos 1575  

The format of the paged data

Information from the database is unloaded in CSV format is text file delimited. Such a file can be opened in any text editor or in Excel or any other spreadsheet (OpenOffice, Numbers, Sheets, etc.). In other words, the resulting file can be opened in Notepad. If you open the file in Excel, you can set filters and sorting. Below are examples and instructions on how to use it.

1. Received file email, open it in Excel
A lot of information, so it is convenient to use sorting and filters

2. For example, select all companies where there is the word "магазин"

3. You can filter the data by any column. For each column you can specify multiple filters. Exhaust lines can be marked with color, this will set the sort and/or selection color of the row.

Payment and prices

All fields $ 168
Name and email $ 112
The sample according to customer's criteria $ 0,05/line

When you purchase 3 or more bases of cities 15% discount

Payment options:

To buy database please contact administrator.
If after purchase you have any questions, please contact the administrator
The upload is possible in any other format.
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