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Crimianl: Октябрь 20, yesterday
WikiLeaks released email correspondence of Barack Obama
Main: Октябрь 21, today
WikiLeaks released email correspondence of Barack Obama
Internet resource WikiLeaks has published a new batch of confidential emails of the head of election campaign of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton John PodestГ , which this time includes the fragments of his correspondence with U.S. President Barack Obama. discuss
Internet: Октябрь 21, today
U.S. forces lost the first military during the offensive on Mosul
Society: Октябрь 21, today
U.S. forces lost the first military during the offensive on Mosul
In Iraq, the continuing armed confrontation, whose goal is liberation from the IG (banned in Russia) of the city of Mosul. U.S. special forces on Thursday joined the RAID, in which us forces suffered their first loss since the start of the battle for Mosul, the AP reports. discuss
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Kristina 4 days ago

Super Host! The organization was at the highest level, the wedding held great! Victoria, thank You! Good for you! Did our best day unforgettable!

Grigorijj 4 days ago
Unicon, law firm
The site says that sending a commercial offer within one hour - made a request for the day, the answer is no. One gets the feeling that the organization a "sham."

Olga 15 days ago

5. Looking for a job Manager, where it is not addressed, everywhere a Scam((( The Expert Staff helped to write a good summary (it appears in the beginning of a career can make a decent summary). Than ...

Boris 5 days ago
Workshop PALETTE
They ordered blinds for the balcony and were very pleased with their work. The price was adequately done efficiently and on time.

Dmitrijj yesterday
Descartes, furniture firm
Booked in the company wardrobe. When choosing a company is focused on prices. Did not regret - the quality and production time - all arranged.

Dmitrijj 17 days ago
Advertising Digest
Director, or Manager Advertising Digest Previn Sergei, the son of Ivan.Previn Sergei idiot and a liar.Fortunately there is dad's business, and Seryozha doesn't need anything, just lure advertisers wit ...

Andrejj 15 days ago
ZHEK-zhilishchnik, the management company
Once planted Alibekova the residents have hope that maybe something will be better. And no,my son-in-law, T. E. Weiss away. So owners hang on, gonna carve you to the bone, if you'll continue to be sil ...

Irina yesterday
Tom, the center of the nail
This terrible beauty nail center Volume! Gave me a gift certificate in it. Come by some time. Administrator and part-owner of this institution, Volokhov Irina Veniaminovna, treated like I'm not a man ...

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About the city of Tomsk

Погода в Тольятти В 01:00 на метеостанции было +2.2 °C, ощущается как +1 °C пасмурная погода, очень высокое атмосферное давление, очень высокая влажность (98%), тихий ветер (1 м/с), дующий с северо-востока. Дымка.Горизонтальная видимость 4.0 км. В Тольятти сегодня в 10:00 ожидается +3°C, без осадков, легкий ветер.

Tomsk is one of the cities of the Russian Federation, which is the center of Tomsk region and Tomsk region. Is this city on the Tom river, East of Western Siberia. The city itself is divided into 4 districts: Sovetsky, Kirovsky, Leninsky and Oktyabrsky. In turn, each region is divided into a large number of districts, the number of which over time will increase, as Tomsk is growing every year. At the moment, the area of Tomsk is 294,6 km?, that's not bad for a city with the number of living people.

The climate is continental – cyclonic, which provides an average annual temperature of 0.9 °C. Winter in Tomsk is very long and is characterized by harsh temperatures, the minimum was recorded in the winter of 1931., which amounted to -55 °C. the Summer in Tomsk is quite warm, but not very high temperatures, the maximum temperature was registered in July 2004. and she was +37,7 °C. the Seasons in the city are replaced quickly, but there is a feature that possible reversals are thaws and frosts. Precipitation in the Tomsk fall not in very large quantities, just 568 millimeters per year and almost all the precipitation falls down in the warm.

The most common styles in the architecture of Tomsk are: art Nouveau Russian architecture (in the tree) and classical and modern (in stone). Tomsk wooden architecture, included in the list of attractions of Russia that will soon disappear, as it is very difficult to maintain their original status. The main architectural monuments of the city include: the commandant's House T. T. de Villeneuve (end of XVIII century), the Governor's House (1852), a house with a tent (1902). But, despite the great development of the city, and around it there are many attractions associated with the nature of the Tomsk region. To such attractions include the famous University grove, which was founded in 1885. On the territory of the groves planted many different species of trees that grow and make the grove more beautiful. Also in the grove is set to “stone images,” which were built in the Altai Mountains. They were taken almost a hundred years ago the expeditions of the Tomsk University. And are one of the oldest attractions of the city. All these attractions make the city quite popular for tourists. This is one of the possible earnings of the city, rising thereby, and so not very bad standard of living of people living there.